Equations of a fluid in motion do have the property of not being solved exactly and run by approximate iterations very demanding in computing resources.

Scientific models of conventional CFD are extremely precise. They do require integration of many parameters and pre-established models, requiring large memory capacities. For a daily use of conventional CFD software, the environment models have to be so simplified that they don’t reflect reality anymore. HyGie-Tech overcomes this problem by proposing risk oriented CFD. 

It is an original approach of fluid dynamics, based on a mathematical method combining in a same computing step the results of Euler and Lagrange descriptions of the environment to be studied. It allows for the calculation of the fluids dispersion plausibility in indoors environment. Plausibility is defined as the sum of all possible dispersion profiles of airborne contaminants in given conditions of the environment. The aim is to provide a visual and quantitative evaluation of the incurred risks.    

Computing rapidity    


Entering measurable parameters    

Risk analysis    

Precise and global profile  of variable flows    

Fluctuating parameters    


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