HG_Flow, Easy mind through assurance

HG_Flow is an airborne contamination risks analysis software, to be used in indoors environment and using the risk-oriented CFD methods. The patented powerful algorithms allow for a routine computing on a standard computer. A very large number of limits and boundaries conditions may be entered. Moreover it is possible to integrate physical, chemical and toxicological properties of the contaminant. HG_Flow is providing rapid and visible results of all the contamination possibilities or fluids dispersion and therefore allow for selecting the safety areas. It is then easily usable in critical situations requiring an immediate treatment.    

Unique computing methodology    
Results of the probabilities of fluid dispersion    
All types of aeraulic fluids or airborne particles    
Unique and unsurpassed computation rapidity    
Visualization of contaminants dispersion    
Integration of all the contaminant properties    
Determination of safety zones in case of critical situation    

Integration of the miscellaneous variables of the premises
(HVAC parameters, obstacles, doors, moving objects, etc.)


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