HG_Grid, Excellency through differentiation

To compute the dispersion plausibility, it is necessary to have an adequate model of the environment. Available meshing software is all based on the same technological principle, the points triangulation, which does not allow computation as made by HG_Flow. For this reason, HyGie-Tech SA has developed HG_Grid, a solution that directly voxelizes the environment. The Voxel are originated from points clouds that may be provided by any type of sources (3D scanners, photogrammetry, Lidar, etc.), or any .dxf file in a prospective consideration.    

True reconstruction of the reality (right angles)   
Precise calculation of volumes    
Indexation of 3D objects for future use    
Parameters of surfaces permeability    
Scripts easy programming    
Rapid treatment of heavy points clouds    
Real time viewing of the result outlines    
Enriched meshes: values of temperature are considered    
Mesh = voxels surface in contact with air   


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