HG_Base, airborne contaminants in one click

For the assessment of a contamination profile by HG_Flow, HyGie-Tech has compiled a database including around 13’000 active substances: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), toxins, pesticides, fungicides, radio nuclides etc., as well as 60’000 other passive substances. It also includes numerous information concerning the toxicological aspects: LD50, TLV-TWA, etc. Moreover, if the molecule structure is known, it integrates the absolute density, which will allow to calculate the real gravity forces applied to the molecule.    

Integration with a simple click in HG_Flow    
.txt format database    
Categorized substances    
Infrastructure risks computation    
Computation for easy decontamination    
Toxicological aspects (LD50, TLV-TWA, etc.)    
Calculation of the absolute density of the molecule     
More than 70’000 references substances    


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