Clean rooms    

  • Scientific based approach     
  • Design and expertise of premises subject to international norm requirements ISO 14644    
  • Control and management of particles quantity inside premises    
  • Determination of the localization of monitoring detectors    
  • Cartography of sampling points    
  • Plausibility of particles flows     

Pharmaceutical  industry    

  • Conformity to regulatory requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice)    
  • Construction and clean rooms analysis    
  • Prevention of cross contamination    
  • Unique way to get rational answers to GMP requirements, in the case of airborne contamination risks  as mentioned in article 54 of GMP Annex 1 from PIC/s     


  • Energy efficiency    
  • HVAC parameters optimization in order to get the best energy controlled investment    
  • Direct comparison between 2 different aeraulic solutions       


  • Management of crisis situation 
  • Determining vulnerability of critical infrastructure in prospective or retrospective mode, to the risk of airborne contamination. 
  • Assistance in the preparation of action plans in real time
  • Assistance for the restoration of infrastructure in post-event mode.
  • Optimization of surfaces to be decontaminated.
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