HyGie-Tech SA is a Swiss based company, located in Lausanne. It is pioneering the development of risk oriented Computational Fluid Dynamics (roCFD). This technology is beyond conventional CFD as it provides with more relevant solutions while accounting with changing boundaries.

Pharmaceutical, defense and civil sectors have nowadays to find solutions to anticipate risks of airborne contamination due to handling of potentially hazardous products.

The scientific community is using CFD simulation software in an attempt to evaluate a potential risk of contamination and find solutions to protect critical buildings.

But the problem of current CFD solutions is that they hardly integrate all the concerned variables of a continuously changing environment (temperature, obstacles, HVAC, etc.). Results provided by conventional CFD are then always correct in relation with the raised problem, but they are not that relevant with the real situation.

To circumvent the disadvantage, HyGie-Tech invented the risk oriented CFD - HG_Flow and developed a risk analysis software, an unsurpassed scientific revolutionary tool. It allows for a rapid and global viewing of contamination possibilities related to a given situation.


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